Let's Unleash Democracy!

Wag the Vote is Dog Podcast Network's non-partisan initiative to encourage voter registration and participation. We’re starting in the United States, but our hope is to expand this across the globe and encourage dog lovers all over to participate in their local and national elections.

Democracy is better when we exercise our right to vote. If dogs could vote, they would.

I Voted

Dogs Bring Out Our Best

Dogs bring out the best in humans.

And woof! Look around...

It seems like right now in America there has never been a better time to bring out that best in people.

We're all aware of how polarized our politics have become ... and of the many problems we face as a community, nation, and planet.

Sometimes it feels insurmountable. It's easy to get down, discouraged, and apathetic.

But as any dog lover knows, it's hard to stay down when you have a dog by your side. Dogs get us up to take a walk and insist on playtime and cuddles.

And dogs can help us turn out the vote.

How Your Dog Can Help You Get Out the Vote

Whether it's a door-to-door registration campaign or simply wearing a "VOTE" bandanna or bringing dogs to polling stations ...your love of dogs and your dog's affection and loyalty could be key to improving voter turnout.

Encourage Voter Registration

Remind Fellow Dog Lovers to Vote

Bring Pups to the Polls

Learn More About Our Wag the Vote Initiative

We're collecting good ideas right now -- and yours are welcome! Dog Podcast Network is developing a number of ways to "loverage" our love of dogs to help shore up our democracy.

Sign up below for more details.

And in the meantime, use the resources below to get involved in this election season.

What we do matters. Ask our dogs!

Voter Registration Is Still Open for the November Elections in the United States

Let's encourage friends and family and neighbors—and people you meet in the dog park—to get out there and vote in the next election on November 8, 2022.

Voter Resources and Inspiration


Vote.gov is an official website of the General Services Administration. This is the easiest way to find out the important deadlines for voting in your local community, with links to the appropriate sites in your state to register, check your polling place, and vote.


CanIVote.org is a non-partisan website created by state election officials to help voters find out how and where to go to vote. Find links to your state’s resources for registration status, voter registration, becoming a poll worker, and more.


Vote.org is the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan voting registration and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) technology platform in America, with the goal of reaching historically underserved voters of color and underrepresented young voters.

Patriotic border collie dog running along the beach carrying the American flag.

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