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Tell Us Your Best Dog Story and We’ll Share It with the World … and You Can Win Our $5,000 Grand Prize

Finally, there’s a media outlet for dog-loving journalists and storytellers to run off leash!

Roughly half the world’s population counts itself a dog lover … so no matter where you live on Planet Earth, you’ve got a dog story to tell.

We offer our smart, discerning listeners reportage, narrative journalism, features, interviews, and analysis … stories that sound like they could be on NPR, BBC, or ABC.

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The Europeans is a great example of narrative podcasting with a VERY dog-related angle!

We discuss the 101 Dog Stories contest in this episode. Listen now to learn more!



$100one $5,000 cash grand prize winner



$5,000one $5,000 cash grand prize winner

Dalmatian Mother sitting between her puppies

Become a Dog Podcast Network Correspondent Now: Contribute a Segment to DOG EDITION!

Dog Podcast Network seeks 101 Dog Stories for our magazine-format podcast DOG EDITION.

Over one hundred segments about dogs? Isn't that a little ... frivolous?

It might sound fluffy, but we are SERIOUS about dogs here at Dog Podcast Network (DPN).

We believe understanding our closest companions might help us humans get along better.

DOG EDITION is the first podcast designed to listen to while you walk your dog.

James Jacobson

James Jacobson, U.S.

The fun hosts hail from the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia … and fetch dog stories that are sublime, serious, and silly in a magazine format.

Clare Mansell

Clare Mansell, U.K.

Listen to these sample episodes that feature winning 101 Dog Stories segments...

The Desert Dog I Couldn’t Desert combines reportage and personal narrative for a compelling, adventurous listen.

When Dog Adoptions Don’t Work Out is an almost painfully intimate portrait of a dog lover breaking her own heart … for the sake of her broken-hearted puppy. We call this type of segment a “dog memoir.”

What’s the Thing About Dogs You Wish Everyone Knew? Make a Segment!

Just about any topic is appropriate for DOG EDITION … if there is a dog angle or it is dog-adjacent:

  • True Crime, for example: how a dog helped solve a murder, or a day in the life of a canine patrol dog, or what happens to dogs whose owners are incarcerated, or ...
  • Environment, for example: the global impact of poop bags, or if dog urine really causes dead spots on lawns, or the impact on the environment of meat-based dog food, or ...
  • Technology, for example: tracking apps to find lost dogs, or two-way video-conferencing for dogs and their humans who travel, the dogs of Amazon and why they up on error pages, or ...
  • Sports, for example: a profile of an Iditarod team, or an analysis of how running every day with their owners impacts a dog's joints, or unofficial professional team mascots, or ...
  • Economics, for example: an interview with an economist about how we spend money on our dogs, or how you can judge a country's GDP by its pet population, or a look at the ins and outs of dog supplies and global trade, or ...
  • Business, for example: The start-up saga of a new pet hotel, or vet clinic profit centers, or are dog cafes the next new trend, or ...
  • Politics, for example: how dogs influence elections, or the role of dogs in the White House and other important state residences around the world, or why Queen Elizabeth is so fond of corgis, or ...
  • The Arts, for example: the true story of Lassie, or Benji, or Beethoven, or dogs as portrait subjects, or why that barking sound in movies always sounds like the same darn dog, or ...
  • Science, for example: how dogs detect cancer, bombs, and other threats, or why dogs are always used as the last non-human subject in cancer trials, or the sad truth about Beagles, or ...
  • Psychology, for example: the untold story of Pavlov's dogs, or how dogs seem to know what we're thinking and feeling, or the growing field of dog behaviorists -- is this real or pseudo-science, or ...
  • Relationships, for example: when the dog comes between you and your new baby, or why your dog hates your boyfriend, or why a dog's death hits us so hard, or ...
  • Human Interest, for example: people who look like their dogs, or fantastically rich people who bequeath millions to their dogs, or the story of the Guinness World Record's World's Ugliest Dog Contest, or ...
  • Dog Interest, for example: which are the most tempting treats for dogs, or advice on how to give your dog the best day of their life, or the latest veterinary news to increase longevity and life quality, or ...

Your Dog Story Could Win $5,000

We are giving away 101 cash prizes for segments to air on DOG EDITION.

One Hundred Finalists will each win a cash prize of $100.

One Grand Prize Winner, as judged by a panel of celebrity judges and our listeners, will win $5,000!

The odds are in your favor!

What Makes a Winning DOG EDITION Segment?

We'll be listening for high production values, interesting writing, and tight editing.

Listen to previous episodes to find out more about our sound and style.

Spin-Off Podcasts? YES, PLEASE!

Think you've got a great idea for a dog-related podcast? Pitch us by submitting a segment for DOG EDITION.

We're keeping our ears perked for new podcasts -- and podcast hosts!

Are You the Next Dog Podcast Network Correspondent?

We are always scouting for great freelance producers to join Team Dog here at DPN.

Winning segment producers could become pack leaders for future stories and assignments.


Dog Edition's 101 Dog Stories Contest is open to all dog lovers on Planet Earth. No matter where you live if you speak English and can produce a professional-quality audio segment ... if you are a Podcaster, a Writer, a Radio Journalist, a Film Maker, a Playwright, an Actor ... or even if you’re just a Really Good Storyteller ... as long as you can submit high-quality audio ... this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Submission Guidelines

Enter the 101 Dog Stories Contest by submitting a well-produced story segment.

When submitting your best dog-adjacent story, it should be a polished, fully produced package. We're not taking pitches, so make sure your segment is ready for broadcast.

  • Make full use of the tools available for audio storytelling. These include narration, sound effects, natural sound, interviews, and royalty-free music.
  • Original content only, please.
  • High production values are a MUST. See Nik's tips for more details.
  • Segments should be 5 to 15 minutes long.
  • The Golden Rule of StoryTelling applies: take as long as you need to tell a fascinating "driveway moment" story ... and not one second longer!
  • Submit your segment as a .wav file. (MP3s and other file formats will not be accepted.)


We are giving away $15,000 in prize money.

If your segment is accepted for broadcast on DOG EDITION, you win $100.

If your segment is voted the best out of all 101 winning submissions, you will win the grand prize of $5,000.

The grand prize winner will be selected in May of 2023.

CALLING English-Speaking DOG LOVERS, Wherever you may live:



Film Makers


Dog Authors



YouTube Creators


You Must Have Questions. Here Are Some Answers!

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