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Embark DNA

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Your dog is 100% adorable and now you can find out her/his exact breed mix and unique health needs.

SRP: $139

Pooch Selfie

Pooch Selfie

Get the perfect shot without a struggle. Pooch Selfie has made it simple to get your pet engaged to look directly at the camera lens.

SRP: $9.99


Starbarks Squeaky Toy

Grab your Starbucks dog moms & dads and pose with your best pal’s Starbarks to light up social media.

SRP: $19.99

Chewy Vuiton

Chewy Vuiton Squeaky Toy

Get the “in” handbags every woman wants for your pups to rule their social media following in style.

SRP: $15.99

EverPup Daily Supplement

The ultimate daily dog supplement! A year’s supply of luxurious support for your beloved to keep them happy and healthy. Your pup will thank you.

SRP: $359.40 ($29.95 x 12 jars)

Zoo Snoods (bunny not available, choose your favorite)

Hand-crafted Snood: Make your pup look fur-some with a costume from Zoo Snoods. It is an adorable headgear to keep your pet at ease while they run around on their daily adventures and its snug fit that keeps them warm from ears to floof.

SRP: $24.99

Lick Croix and Grrrona Squeaky Toy

The Muttini Bar Collection was created, because when it comes to your dog, it’s always Happy Hour! You'll get a kick out of watching your furry buddy carry their beverage of choice around as they try to get to whatever's inside.

SRP: $15.99 & $18.99

Aquapaw Bath Brush

Simplify the dog bathing process at your home, with Aquapaw. The combination sprayer/scrubber saves water, produces less mess, and helps your dog feel comfortable

SRP: $24.95

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